Music Curriculum Studied
A copy of my complete academic transcript is available upon request.

Graduate Courses of Note
MUED 50200 Advanced Instrumental Conducting
MUED 57000 Introduction to Brass Repair
MUED 57100 Introduction to Woodwind Repair
MUED 45000 Jazz Pedagogy
MUED 54000 Materials/Rehearsal Techniques in the Public School Wind Band
MUTH 65400 Emergency Band Repair (Independent Study)
MUTH 65400 Brass Choir Assistant (Independent Study)
Audited Pedagogy of Music Theory Course During Block Three (2009-2010)

Music Education
MUED 150 Introduction to Public School Music
MUED 250 Foundations of Mus Education I
MUED 251 Foundations of Music Education II
MUED 300 Foundations in Music Education III
MUED 301 General Music in Elementary School
MUED 304 Instrumental Music: Elementary School
MUED 305 Instrumental Music: Secondary School

MUS 231 Conducting I - Instrumental
MUS 232 Conducting II - Instrumental
MUS 330 Advanced Instrumental Conducting
MUED 393 Public School Instrumental Conducting I
MUED 394 Secondary School Instrumental Rehearsal

Secondary Instruments
MUED 161 Beginning Trumpet
MUED 163 Beginning French Horn
MUED 164 Beginning Tuba/Euphonium
MUED 172 Beginning Flute
MUED 173 Beginning Oboe
MUED 175 Beginning Saxophone
MUED 185 Beginning Violin/Viola
MUED 221 Percussion Class
MUED 271 Advanced Clarinet
Independent Study on Bassoon

Music Elective
MUS 119 Free Improvisation
MUED 260 Brass Pedagogy
MUS 263 Music History in West Civilization I
MUS 264 Music History in Western Civilization II
MUED 291 Technology in Music I
MUED 331 Marching Band Techniques
MUS 333 Musics of the World
MUS 374 Undergraduate Eurhythmics
MUS 454 The Classical Period in Music

SUNY Fredonia Wind Ensemble
SUNY Fredonia Symphony Orchestra
SUNY Fredoina Jazz Ensemble
Excelsior Brass Quintet
Fredonia Trombone Collective
Freodina Trombone Choir
Pit Orchestra for SUNY Fredonia's Production of the musical, "Barnum"
Orchestra for SUNY Fredonia's Production of the opera, "Carmen"
Ithaca College Wind Ensemble
Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra
Realignment Trombone Quartet