Day Four

The blog below is a summary of Day Four’s adventures. More pictures can be found in the following album (this album will be taken down on June 1):

Symphonic Band Tour Photo 2013 Waterfront

With Philadelphia behind us (literally in this picture), I can finally upload the fourth part of the Tour Blog. On the fourth day we journeyed to Camden, NJ to visit Adventure Aquarium.


There we saw hippos, alligators, sting rays, and sharks among other things. The album above features not only pictures, but some videos of these creatures.


After our trip to the aquarium we began our journey back home.

Band Tour Chaperones

If you see Mr. Williams, Mrs Tramuta, Mr. Paschke, or Mrs. Gilvin please thank them. Chaperoning this trip involves not only dealing with me, but a 24 hour commitment to our students. These four fantastic people stayed up all night in shifts and guided students through city streets among other tasks. This trip would not be possible without them.

To say this trip was a success is an understatement. Our students represented Fredonia marvelously. Everywhere we went people were impressed by how they carried themselves. When we were in Philadelphia we saw other student groups from different communities. After observing how our students carried themselves compared to these groups I was reminded just how proud I am to call myself their band director.

I hope that you will have a chance to read through these blogs and go through the media albums. I will leave them up until June 1. After June 1 they will be deactivated. In them you will see many tour highlights that I simply did not have time to include. Like that time Mr. Paschke “conducted,” the band by making snow angels in the air...

photo (5)

Or Jillian’s Kowalski’s surprise birthday party facilitated by her parents with the help of some friends and chaperones...

Birthday at the GameSAM_2758

I hope that your child had as much fun on this trip as I did. I couldn’t imagine a better group of students to take on a trip. Here’s to the next one in two years!

Day Three

The blog below is a summary of Day Three’s adventures. More pictures can be found in the following album (this album will be taken down on June 1):

Symphonic Band Tour Photo 2013

Hello all and welcome to the blog for Day Three. Today we traveled throughout Historic Philadelphia.


Our day began with a walking tour. We saw many sites like the afore-pictured LIberty Bell, Independence Hall, the old Presidential Mansion, and the site of Ben Franklin’s old home.







After the tour we broke up into small groups for a scavenger hunt across Philadelphia. It was a fast paced exciting competition.


We then had lunch at the Bourse. The Bourse had many different food options for the students to choose from and shops for them to patronize.


After lunch we went to the National Constitution Center, a museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. There we saw a 20 minute live performance show and many exhibits.





After that we walked to Campo’s for real Philadelphia Cheese Steaks. I can personally say that they were delicious.

Night Tour Picture



After dinner we took a Ghost Tour throughout the old city. It was most certainly an interesting and eerie experience. Believe it or not, tomorrow we will be on our way home. Our exciting journey is almost at its end.