14 April 2013

Day Two

The blog below is a summary of Day Two’s adventures. More pictures can be found in the following album (this album will be taken down on June 1): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lk3dxa745abc4aj/KyQqIs4R-6


The second day of our band trip began with a private breakfast buffet including made to order omelets, fresh mini-waffles, an assortment of fruit, and other breakfast favorites.


We then headed to Temple University for a campus tour. Temple is built right into the city of Philadelphia and is home to more than 38,000 students. Our students split into two smaller groups and toured the campus. Temple is home to some eclectic sights we saw during the tour beyond the typical locations found on a college. Examples include a school supplies vending machine in the library and giant lawn chairs on the lawn. Feel free to look at the pictures in the album to see them. We then ate lunch at the student center food court.


After lunch our students walked a block carrying their instruments to the Boyer College of Music and Art. There we took part in a fantastic clinic with Temple’s Director of Bands, Dr. Emily Threinen. I was very impressed by how well our students worked with Dr. Threinen. They represented our community admirably. If you would like to hear a snippet of their rehearsal, please view the album.


After the clinic we took a tour of the music and art buildings. There were some beautiful sculptures that are pictured in the album as well.



After the tour we journeyed to Citizens Band Park to see a Phillies game. While there we had dinner at a restaurant in the stadium. We were able to watch almost seven innings before this happened...


If you look closely at the above photo you will see sheets of rain pouring down onto the field.


Luckily our students and bus driver were prepared, so we were able to quickly board the bus and return to our hotel. Friday was a long day, but what a ride. I could not be prouder of these students.

Day One

The blog below is a summary of Day One’s adventures. More pictures can be found in the following album (this album will be taken down on June 1): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t8re6l3s9gv7r6h/MqjFQCVzVH


Hello all and welcome to the Symphonic Band Spring Tour Blog. Day one went off without a hitch. Most of our time was spent on the bus, where the students enjoyed spending time with each other and watching family favorites like, “Finding Nemo.” Our bus driver Marty has been a fantastic stewart in our travels. Marty is not only a gifted bus driver, but he sings in a barbershop quartet and can read music. Truly he is the perfect guide for us.


We stopped to have lunch at a family style restaurant. Students had the option of either ordering off the menu or enjoying a buffet. Our students were very courteous to the restaurant’s other patrons during their meals.


After arriving at the hotel band members were given a chance to change for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra Concert. The concert was almost a sellout, and after hearing the group I understand why. The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra lived up to its reputation as one of the best orchestra in the world. Bach’s Brandenberg concertos are some of the most demanding in the repertoire, and the PSO executed them marvelously.


Verizon Hall, the home of the PSO, is located within the Kimmel Center. This is a beautiful facility which houses many music/theatre venues in the heart of Philadlphia. The hall was as much a spectacle as the concert itself.

We are off to a fantastic start, and I look forward to sharing more fun facts with you all tomorrow! As always, do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


Mr. Bennett